Cat Burglars

So – there I was, bemoaning the fact that it’s pretty dull around here with no wonderful wildlife stories or juicy neighbourhood gossip to impart, and suddenly I have both…

Well, almost.  This sign, with its sage advice (after all, everyone knows cats love to chase things), was written up by the watchmen at the entrance to the residential area where I live.  I haven’t actually seen the culprits, nor – to my knowledge – have they caused any trouble, but there’s an extra frisson of excitement, knowing they are around, as I walk around the garden in the evenings…

And I’m inclined to not bother with locking up at night.  Any prowlers are going to have second thoughts with our neighbourhood watch to contend with!



7 comments on “Cat Burglars

  1. Linda says:

    And to think I was excited about having two hedgehogs in my garden!

  2. Franca Ross says:

    Ah now I know where you are – couldn’t work it out. I know why they say don’t “runaway” but very hard to just stand there hey with a lion prowling around…..terrifying!

  3. Judy says:

    Who needs askaris when you have Simba Security!

  4. Wow, I whole new kind of worry in life, so different than plumbing problems. Don’t leave us hanging too long about if he or she has moved on or not…..we are hooked and imagining galore…

  5. Hi everyone – thanks so much for reading and commenting… so far no more reports, except there was a little confusion as to whether it was a lion or a leopard which had been seen. Which would imply if it was a lion, it was actually a lioness. Last year a couple of lionesses, with young, came and were living in the garden next door to me. Unfortunately efforts were made to move them on (can’t think why?!!!) and resulted in the cubs being taken from the mother, and ending up in the local animal orphanage, and then the adults finally being shot. So I’m hoping this pusscat disappears again without further ado… But if there are more stories, I’ll keep you posted.

    I wrote and broadcast a story for BBC radio on last year’s lions – if anyone’s interested you can read it here…
    or listen to it here…

    I hope those links come out so you can just click on them. If not, would need to cut and paste them into the Google bar.

    Tash x

    • sue roberts says:

      Just read your story on the lions again. Heartbreaking for you to write such a tragic story about the lions you love so much. As usual beautifully and clearly written. Sue xxx

  6. sue roberts says:

    Love it !

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