Gaining momentum…


Thanks for all reading my previous post – I’ve had more ‘visitors’ than before.  I’ve also been contacted out of the blue by several long lost acquaintances who heard the radio broadcast, and share my feelings about circus animals, and the BBC are broadcasting the piece tomorrow Monday 8 July on the World Service, at 0150 GMT and 0850 GMT – easiest, probably to listen online though.  They’re also putting the transcript on the website tomorrow, they tell me – including photographs.  And I’ve been asked to give the Born Free Foundation the name of the circus…  Wagons Roll!




3 comments on “Gaining momentum…

  1. Sue says:

    Fantastic news Tash, wonderful that this is getting so much exposure and hopefully will make a difference. I have seen the BBC website with all the info and v nice picture of you as well as mentioning you are the author of “From Oxcaer To Email”
    Well done you!

  2. Sue says:

    That was meant to read “From Oxcart To Email”!

  3. Thanks Sue – it’s evidently a story that touches people’s hearts – great to know so many care about animals and their wellbeing. The story on the BBC magazine website has now had 2,200 views – unbelievable!

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